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Studio Revu

Following requests from many of our clients, the Revu team thought that we would show you the recent transformation of our studio.

The new Revu studio is located within Unity House which itself has seen many incarnations. The late Victorian building was initially a school and the front of the building clearly shows what were once separate entrances for boys and girls! Later it was used as the council emergency planning office before Artfuel took over in 2016.

We had a long wish list when sourcing our new studio location, including generous windows to provide ample natural light, high ceilings and a large space to allow for maximum flexibility. All this space was considered vital to allow Revu to accommodate a range of photography from capturing dancers in mid air to large family groups. At over 500 sqft the new studio fits this bill perfectly. In addition the studio needed to have an easily accessible town center location with it’s own free off-road parking.

The site at Unity House ticked all the boxes and once this location had been secured and the design brief agreed, it was down to the hard work of breathing new life into the space. Work began in February 2017, to turn what had been a large unloved office into a professional photography studio.

All existing fittings were stripped from the room before professionals were brought in to carry out the electrical and plastering work to transform the space into a workable photography studio. New flooring was expertly fitted by Jordan at JAL Joinery, giving the studio a sleek contemporary feel. Radiators were enclosed to ensure a neat uncluttered appearance before paneling was added to some of the walls to achieve the desired look.

a lovely new plasered wall and the carpet tiles removed. unfortunately the parquet flooring was beyond rescuing.
finished floor and shooting wall

A colour palette of soft whites and cool greys ensures the right level of light reflection whilst maintaining the modern and fresh feel of the studio.

Finally the studio was dressed with some new pieces of furniture and accessories, as well as some examples of our beautiful wall art to complete the look.

Corner Chair

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